Floor Densification Work


INDUSTRIAL CONCRETE FLOORING INTRODUCTION Concrete flooring is one of the most common types of flooring used in both in residential, Commercial  as well as Industrial buildings owing to its non-absorbent nature and thus it is very useful for water stores, durability, smooth and pleasing in appearance, good wearing properties, easy maintenance and is economical. When […]

Epoxy Flooring in Vehicle Showroom


INDUSTRIAL EPOXY FLOORING WHAT IS EPOXY FLOORING AND WHY DO WE NEED EPOXY FLOORING ? Basically, the word Epoxy was derived from two Greek words ‘epi’ and ‘oxy’. ‘Epi’ means ‘upon’ while the word ‘oxy’ means ‘sharp’ or ‘acidic’. The term ‘flooring’ refers to the lower enclosing surface of spaces within buildings. Epoxy is a […]

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