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  • 3/229- D, VGS Enclave, A.S.Nagar, Pattanam, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India - 641 016

We are selling genuine handloom cotton sarees and silk sarees under the brand name of Aathika Premium Sarees.

Saree is a ethnic attire worn by women to glorify their presence in a cultured yet comfortable and fasionable manner. The love for saree has crossed the geographical boundaries of India and is being loved in the International market.


The way to find Genuine Handloom cotton sarees,

  • Handloom Cotton Sarees will be weighing 410 Grams +/- 10 grams ( Fake  Synthetic Mixed power loom sarees will be weighing below 300 grams)
  • Shrinkage will be very very low. It too corrected while pressing.(Fake synthetic sarees will be shrinking to 20 to 30%)
  • No colour fading while drying in shadows.(Fake Synthetic sarees will be faded away within 2 to 3 washes)
  • Life will be more 8 to 10 yrs with good condition (Fake synthetic sarees will be lasted 3 to 4 years , if you maintained properly)
  • Handloom Mark

Advantage of Genuine Handloom Sarees,

  • Carbon Foot print free saree
  • Less Shrinkage
  • Very Less Color Fading
  • Long Life
  • Better wearable feeling
  • Heritage Proud

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