No, epoxy flooring is not suitable for all outdoor areas. Polyurethane
(PU) flooring can be a suitable choice for outdoor spaces due to its
durability, resistance to various weather conditions, and its ability to
withstand heavy foot traffic.


Installing polyurethane (PU) flooring outdoors requires careful
planning, surface preparation, and precise application. Here are general steps
for installing PU flooring in an outdoor setting:

Surface Preparation:

§  Thoroughly clean
the outdoor surface, removing dirt, grease, oil, and any existing coatings or
sealers. Use a suitable degreaser and mild detergent.

§  Repair any
cracks, holes, or uneven areas in the surface. Ensure it’s completely dry
before proceeding.

Priming (if required):

Some PU flooring systems may need a primer for better adhesion. Follow
the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the primer evenly on the prepared
surface. Allow it to dry completely as per the recommended time.

Mixing (if applicable):

If your PU flooring material is a two-component system or requires
mixing, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to mix the components thoroughly.

Application of PU Flooring:

§  Apply the PU
flooring material onto the prepared surface using the recommended application
method (roller, brush, or sprayer).

§  Ensure even
coverage and follow the manufacturer’s recommended thickness for proper

§  Work in
sections, ensuring consistent application throughout the area.

Drying/Curing Time:

Allow the applied PU flooring material to dry or cure according to the
manufacturer’s specifications. This typically involves a specific curing time
before the surface can endure foot traffic or exposure to weather conditions.

Additional Coats (if

Depending on the product and desired level of protection, you might need
to apply multiple coats. Follow the recommended intervals between coats as
provided by the manufacturer.

Sealing/Finishing (if

Some PU flooring systems may require an additional sealer or topcoat for
added protection and aesthetics. Apply it as recommended by the manufacturer
after the initial coats have dried.

Post-Installation Care:

After installation, avoid heavy use or exposure to harsh conditions
during the initial curing period as specified by the manufacturer.

It’s crucial to note that the specific steps and products required for
installing outdoor PU flooring can vary based on the manufacturer’s guidelines,
environmental conditions, and the type of PU flooring system chosen.


PU flooring presents a durable and weather-resistant solution suitable
for various outdoor spaces.
The use of PU flooring in
outdoor spaces presents a reliable and durable solution that withstands the
challenges posed by varying weather conditions, heavy usage, and UV exposure.

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