Anti Static Epoxy Floor Coating

Anti-Static Epoxy Floor Coating

Anti-static epoxy flooring is called the best epoxy flooring method. This is used to get joint-free finishes. Anti-static epoxy has high chemical resistance. On the concrete surface, an anti-static epoxy coating is applied.

This anti-static epoxy floor coating gives durability and avoids wear and tear conditions. This Epoxy Floor coating is applied in high-traffic areas. If you apply this coat, on your industrial floorings then best.

This, anti-static epoxy floor coating, is the best option to give more durability to your flooring. The surface where the coat is applied should be free from dust. Then only anti-static epoxy coating could hold firmly.

After the first top coat of anti-static epoxy is get over. Then apply the main coat of anti static epoxy floor coating to the concrete floors. Applying this top coat with the main coat can give floorings the best finishing touch and durability.

Where is the Epoxy Floor coating applied?

  • Industry application of the epoxy coating
  • Commercial applications for epoxy coating
  • Residential applications of epoxy coatings

Why anti-static epoxy floor coating is applied and its benefits?

Anti-static epoxy floor coating has multiple benefits compared to other traditional coatings: –

  • Give a shiny gloss surface that can enhance the brightness of the floor
  • Give strong durability to your floorings option, where there is more traffic.
  • Easy for installation & no need for any plan
  • Also, no need for any additional tools and equipment
  • Great for cleaning, with less time cleaning process is done
  • Do not give chance to resist oils and stain
  • Best for warehouse and industrial applications
  • Give a seamless and unique surface that can last for a lifespan
  • A mixture of paints and colors to fill up the chips and marks
  • Great for manufacturing plants as it is chemically resistant
  • Free from anti-slip additives
  • Great for avoiding wear and tear conditions
  • Great for self-leveling on old floors to make new
  • Less maintenance
  • Epoxy Floor coating is used for its

This anti-static epoxy flooring is combined with a two-part mixture. One consists of resin and another is a hard plastic coating. Mixed to have a chemical reaction. The mixture is great as it produces new stability on the surface.

The coat is applied to give firmness to the concrete surface. It is applied on

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • VCT
  • Tile
  • Common industrial and commercial floors

This resin and hardener are used on the above flooring options. It gives a smooth & durable surface. And also increase the floor load-carrying capacity

Who are the industries & why applying this Anti-static epoxy floor coating option?

Anti-static epoxy floor coating is very economical. Great for all multiple works, that’s why all choose this one. It can be applied easily.

Anti-static epoxy floor coating has wide colors and designs. Of its flexible & bold colors, many industries use this. The popular colors in its applications are: –

  • Grey scales,
  • Reds,
  • Greens and blues.

Anti-static epoxy floor coating for Commercial Units

Commercial units like: –

Use in Lobbies and Store Display Floors (Benefits)

  • Use this coating to add a professional look to any space
  • Wide colors & designs
  • Make the flooring option decorative and give a finishing touch

Use in Factory Floors, Warehouses, Hallways & its (Benefits)

  • Great for withstanding heavy traffic
  • Does not need regular maintenance only needs for sweeping and/or mopping
  • It is water and chemical resistant

Use in Hospitals, Cafeterias, Restrooms & its ( Benefits)

  • Use this Epoxy floor coating as germ resistance, no chance of any bacteria and germs breeding
  • It can clean and sanitize easily

Anti-static epoxy floor coating for Industrial Units

Epoxy anti-static is a great choice for industrial setup.

An industrial unit like: –

Automotive and Marine Use & its (Benefits)

  • Quick and dry
  • Rough & tough use
  • Less corrosion and ensure strong adheres to automobiles and boats

Steel industries & metal industries Use & (Benefits)

  • Great for Steel Corrosion Resistance
  • Protect against corrosion
  • prevent rusting
  • Epoxy Industrial Flooring protects concrete flooring from abrasion and liquid spills.

Residential applications of Anti-static epoxy floor coating

Epoxy Floor Coating for Offices, Gyms, Garages & Residence unit Use & (Benefits)

  • Great when it comes to durability and provides a bold aesthetic looks
  • Give the best finishing touch
  • easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is slip-resistant, avoiding slippery chances
  • Attractive designs


Here in this blog, you can able to know what are the benefits and why all industrial setups apply this Epoxy anti-static coating. Texel is a leading epoxy flooring agency; their expert is professional enough to handle all epoxy flooring solutions. If you are searching for the best epoxy floorings option for your setup then Texel epoxy floorings solutions are best!! Hire a Texel Epoxy flooring expert!! Make your flooring option a better and best one.


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