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PU flooring stands for polyurethane flooring, which is a type of flooring system that is made from polyurethane resin. This flooring is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to abrasions, chemicals, and impact.

Polyurethane flooring is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses, factories, hospitals, and laboratories, because it can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, and is easy to maintain.


There are different types of polyurethane (PU) flooring available, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. The following are some common types of PU flooring:

  • Self-leveling polyurethane flooring: Self-leveling PU flooring is poured onto a level surface and self-levels to create a smooth, seamless finish. Self-leveling polyurethane flooring is ideal for environments where cleanliness is a priority, such as pharmaceutical or food processing facilities.
  • PU screed flooring: PU screed flooring is a type of heavy-duty PU flooring that is applied in layers using a trowel, creating a textured finish. Screed polyurethane flooring is ideal for environments where durability and resistance to heavy traffic are required, such as warehouses, factories, and workshops.
  • Decorative polyurethane flooring: Decorative polyurethane flooring is designed to be visually appealing and is available in a range of colors and finishes. Decorative polyurethane flooring is ideal for commercial spaces such as retail stores, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Anti-static polyurethane flooring: Anti-static polyurethane flooring is a specialized type of PU flooring that is designed to prevent the build-up of static electricity. Anti-static polyurethane flooring is commonly used in environments where sensitive electronic equipment is present, such as computer rooms, data centers, and laboratories.
  • UV-stable polyurethane flooring: UV-stable polyurethane flooring type of PU flooring is designed to withstand exposure to sunlight without fading or discoloration. UV-stable polyurethane flooring is ideal for outdoor applications such as balconies, patios, and terraces.

PU coating is a versatile and durable flooring solution that can be customized to meet specific requirements and withstand various environmental conditions.

There are two main types of polyurethane flooring: self-leveling PU flooring and screed polyurethane flooring. Self-leveling polyurethane flooring is poured onto the floor and self-levels to create a smooth, even surface. Screed polyurethane flooring is applied in layers, using a trowel to create a textured surface.

Polyurethane flooring is available in a variety of colors and finishes, and can be customized to meet sp

  • ills, and impact. Polyurethane coating is a popular choice for commercial and industrial settings where floors are subject to heavy wear and tear.
  • Resistance to chemicals: PU coating on floor is resistant to chemicals, making it an ideal choice for

ecific design requirements. It is also resistant to UV rays, making it a good choice for outdoor use.PU Flooring


There are many advantages to using polyurethane (PU) flooring, including:

  • Durability: PU flooring / PU coating is known for its durability and can withstand heavy foot traffic, sp environments where spills are common, such as laboratories or manufacturing plants.
  • Low maintenance: PU floor coating is easy to clean and maintain, which saves time and money on maintenance costs. The seamless design of self-leveling PU flooring also prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating in cracks and crevices.
  • Customizable: PU coating on floor comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, making it a versatile flooring option that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a space.
  • Comfortable: PU coating on floor has a cushioning effect that makes it comfortable to walk on and reduces fatigue. This is especially important in commercial settings where employees may be standing or walking for long periods.
  • Environmentally friendly: Some PU coating products are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled materials, and are low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. This makes them an environmentally friendly flooring option.

Therefore, PU floor coating is a practical and cost-effective flooring solution that offers a wide range of benefits for both commercial and industrial applications.


Polyurethane (PU) flooring is a low-maintenance flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain. Here are some tips for maintaining PU flooring:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Recoating
  • Professional cleaning

By following these maintenance tips, PU flooring can remain in good condition for many years. PU flooring’s low-maintenance requirements make it a popular choice for commercial and industrial applications, where time and resources for maintenance are limited.


Polyurethane flooring can be customized in a variety of ways to suit the specific needs of a space. Here are some examples of customization options:

  • Color: PU floor coating is available in a wide range of colors, allowing it to be matched to the decor of a space or to create a distinctive look.
  • Texture: Polyurethane coating can be textured to create a non-slip surface, which is ideal for environments where safety is a concern.
  • Thickness: PU coating on floor can be applied in a range of thicknesses, depending on the needs of a space. Thicker coatings can be used in high-traffic areas, while thinner coatings can be used in spaces where hygiene is critical.
  • Design: Polyurethane floor coating can be used to create custom designs or patterns, such as logos or graphics, making it ideal for commercial or retail spaces.
  • Additives: Additives can be added to polyurethane floor coating to enhance its properties, such as UV resistance, anti-static properties, or even anti-bacterial properties.

The customization options for PU flooring are vast, making it an ideal flooring option for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and even residential applications. PU flooring’s versatility and customization options allow it to be tailored to meet the specific needs of any space.


Here, we conclude that Polyurethane (PU) flooring offers a wide range of benefits for commercial, industrial, and even residential applications. It is a durable, chemical-resistant, and easy-to-maintain flooring option that provides excellent value for its cost. Additionally, PU flooring offers a high level of customization, allowing it to be tailored to meet the specific needs of any space.

PU flooring’s comfort, slip resistance, noise reduction, and temperature control properties all contribute to a safer and more comfortable environment, especially in spaces where people spend a lot of time standing or walking.

Finally, environmentally friendly PU floor coatings are available, which can contribute to sustainable building practices and reduce the environmental impact of commercial and industrial spaces. Overall, PU flooring is a versatile and practical flooring option that offers numerous benefits and can be an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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