Epoxy Polyurethane Flooring Service by leading Company called Texel Agency, India

Epoxy Polyurethane Flooring


A specialist applied, self-smoothing epoxy polyurethane resin floor finish combining outstanding wearing properties with decorative properties and chemical resistance.

Ideally suited in areas where a seamless, joint-free finishing is required. And maximum cleanliness is essential. Laboratories, clean rooms, and the general light industry are just some of the environments that can benefit from this system.

Completely Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Texel Agency can provide you with all your needs for a complete epoxy flooring solution – from the materials to the installation.

Industries we serve

Whether you’re looking for a specialized epoxy flooring company or service. To meets your needs Texel designed. We offer solutions for industries such as automotive, furniture, medical offices, and more!

Solutions for all businesses

We offer a wide range of services and products to accommodate your business needs. Choose from many options including clear coats, sealers, and boots. To choose the best solution for you.

Design expertise at your disposal

At Texel, we understand that each business is unique and has specific needs. Our team of seasoned designers will work with you to create a custom design that’s right for you.

Eco-friendly products that really work

Why Texel Agency is the best epoxy flooring company in Coimbatore. Because Texel is committed to helping our customers. To improve their environmental footprint by offering eco-friendly products that work as well as traditional materials. (*)Certain restrictions apply.


  • Hard wearing – durable with low maintenance costs
  • Good abrasion resistance. Withstands foot and vehicular traffic
  • Resistant with wide range of chemicals and liquids
  • Seamless – easily to clean and maintain high standards of hygiene
  • Self-smoothing properties provide a flat high gloss finish
  • Hygienic
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